Project Info (up front information)

Discussion created by AlanMassey on Feb 19, 2016
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I'm working on standardizing a filemaker solution to work as a template for use on many projects.  What I'm trying to do is setup an upfront section for general project info that can be input in one layout that'll just carry over to all of the other layouts.  This is information such as “Client, Project name, Client logo, issue date.”  I’m sure I’m not approaching this the right way and there’s probably a really simple way of doing this, but here’s what I did…and what’s not working about it.


I created a separate table called “Project.”  It has fields for “Client, Project name, Client logo, issue date.  I created a new layout for this table that just allows you to fill out those fields.  The idea is that there would just be one record in that layout/table and the info on there would be pulled into the header section of the other layouts.  That way I can set up the template to have several different layouts that all get the info allowing me to only have to enter it once.  The problem is that in order for it to pull that info I had to link a field. So I chose to link “Client”.  The problem is that each record on the other layouts has to have the client name filled out (and match) in order for it to populate the other fields. 


I realize that I’ve probably overcomplicated this, so any advice would be great.