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Hiding Object when more than one month is showing.

Question asked by tnormandin on Feb 20, 2016
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Hello Fellow FileMaker Community,

     I am creating a client database for my churches Food Panty. It is pretty basic showing clients, the dates they have been there and a report tracking how many clients per day show up. In my report (typically a monthly one), I have at the top the Month and Year for that report. I was trying to figure out how to hide that information when a report will be showing more than one month. So if they searched for clients from January through March, I don't want the date and month at the top to show "March 2016" when more than one month is showing.

     Just a bit more insight on how the report looks/works. The food pantry is open three days a week, so there will be three summary fields per week, and average four weeks will be a total of (12) twelve lines on the report.

     Thank you ahead of time for any help in this matter.