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Adding dates with calendar icon causes non-related table popup - why?

Question asked by dzittin on Feb 21, 2016
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I have been away from FM development for awhile. I noticed the forum format has changed. If I am in the wrong place send me an RTFM and I will educate myself.


I have a layout showing 5 fields from a table:

  1. ID (integer)
  2. Location: Text (popup menu, browse mode)
  3. Delivery date (drop down calendar with cal icon, confirmed with inspector)
  4. Pick up date (ditto)
  5. Actual return date (ditto)


When I use the calendar icon to enter a date in #5, the popup list of #2, same table, different field is displayed????

There is a trigger (object modify) that is set when the field in 5 is changed. I used the debugger to make sure nothing else was happening and the trigger action was done correctly, however(!) the pop-up of the field in 2 did not occur when I step through with the debugger!!!


The popup only occurs if I select a date via the calendar icon or enter the date by hand and tab out of the field.


Ideas? Obvious mistake on my part?