Conditional hide for dropdown menus in portals - bug?

Discussion created by Zerojojo on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by TSGal

You good people,


I have discovered something strange the hard way: when I have a dropdown menu inside a portal and the field is set to hide in such a way that it hides when the value of another field outside of the portal is not equal to something (e.g. a field in the parent table does not equal 1), the dropdown menu doesn't open for the newest record, even though it is visible at that stage. It does, however, open once I fill in another record and it opens for records in the portal that are not the one to be created. This only happens when 1) I set the condition to not being equal and 2) the record in the condition is outside of the portal.


I'll attach a simple demonstration to make it clearer.


Does anybody have a clue what is going on there? Even stranger, a pop-up menu, which is virtually the same, works as expected.