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No auto tab to next dropdown list after "insert from last visited record"

Question asked by eliotros on Feb 18, 2016

I have a portal with a few dropdown fields.  My tab order specifies them in sequence.  PRIOR to a couple weeks ago (±), I used to be able to do this:  1)  go to a field in a similar record ("Rec x") in the portal; 2) place the cursor in the first of my sequential fields in "Rec y"; and then 3) repeatedly hit Cmd-' (apostrophe); and 4) bing, bing bing, all the corresponding values from Rec x would be copied to Rec y. 


NOW, however, after my first Cmd-' , the cursor REMAINS in that first field (at the end of the copied text).  It does NOT automatically tab to the next field.  (A second Cmd-' yields a second copy into the same field, yielding something like "BasicBasic".    Can someone give me back my bing bing bing?


When I use the MOUSE to select a value for the first field (instead of Cmd-'), the focus DOES automatically transfer to the 2nd field, with its value options dropped down.


(Irrelevant, I'd think, but just in case: The "2nd field" is actually 2 fields (one on top of the other):  "subCat" and "id_activity," to allow for the dropdown list to appear as text and show text, but the bottom field records the numeric id.  This technique may have a name, but I don't recall it.)



FMP Advanced  13.0v5  on  OS 10.11.3