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    Filemaker Font Issue


      Please take a look at the squares in the attached image. Why is this happening?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Such a character is typically a non-printing (and/or high-ASCII) kind, such that the "font" uses a rectangle.


          But to assist, please specify OS and version.

          And FM version where the file exists? (Hosted?)


          If there is an issue, this information is helpful.


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            I'm using Windows 10 Pro v1511 (build 14257) with Filemaker 14.0.4 (10-27-2015). It's not hosted. Thanks.

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              Thanks! TS (tech support) should be "in" tomorrow and will see this post.


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                Thank you for your posts.


                There have been some reports of hyphens appearing as block characters in Windows 10 v1511, but those issues were supposedly fixed by Microsoft with the latest update (KB3124200).  Also, it doesn't appear your issue has to do with hyphens.


                Do you have access to another Windows machine?  Does the issue also occur on that machine?



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                  I installed Filemaker on a different Windows 10 matching. It has v1511 build 10586.0. It did the same thing. Then I applied KB3124200 to it and that made the issue go away.


                  The insider builds (i.e. 14257) seem to make the issue reappear. However, on that build I cannot install KB3124200. It says the computer is not qualified. Probably because KB3124200 only works on non-insider builds.


                  I would be cool to be able to change the font in Filemaker for it's default environment, dialog boxes, etc...


                  Not sure how to make it ok on my computer with build 14257.10