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Creating fM structure for plant and animal classification and keys

Question asked by JeffHart on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2016 by beverly

I am relatively new to FM. I have been creating a database for some of my photography and wanted to create an easy way to identify natural hierarchical groupings found in nature. I am somewhat comfortable with in-table manipulations such as find features, field creation, searches and learning about creating relationship between tables. I am asking about a reality check with this type of approach with FM 14. The graphics at the bottom show a general layout of the different tables and their relationships to one another. There is far too much data (especially fields) in some groupings to include all of the FIND features in one table or even one view within a table. So here is my question, assuming that this structure works for FM: how do I navigate, through the FIND process, through this proposed but natural hierarchy. I want to be able to sequentially execute FIND commands, ideally going from one table to another as the user “keys out” the different groups of organisms.  I hope that I have made myself clear, and thanks for your help. INature2.jpg