Table name "Notes" makes it very difficult to type "not" in Script Workspace

Discussion created by realgrouchy on Feb 19, 2016
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Another nuisance I've been meaning to report:


I have a table name, "Notes" in my database. When editing a script, every time I try to type a "not" command, it suggests "Notes::".


This makes it really frustrating when I want to type my formulae with a line break after the "not" (because hitting return will autocomplete "Notes::"), such as:


IsEmpty ( Field1 ) and not

IsEmpty ( Field2 ) or


( 2+2 = 4 )


I presume that the same thing will happen with table names that resemble other operators, too ("and", "or", etc.).



I'm not sure how exactly FM's behaviour would change to fix this definitively, but some things that may help could be:

- Trigger a warning when creating a table (or field) whose name starts with the same letters as an operator, as is the case when creating a field that has a symbolic operator;

- When a user has typed the full word of an operator such as "and" or "or" or "not", don't autocomplete any field/table names when the user hits return (but do autocomplete if they typed "No" or "Note" in the example of a table name "Notes")


(And don't get me started on how FM 14 autocomplete handles fields with spaces in them!)


- RG>