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Database Creation and Data Access Configuration Is this possible?

Question asked by user25298 on Feb 19, 2016

I am new to FM - I want to create a database that stores customer data and product informational items. I then want to grant specific employees of a customer access to the product informational item and be able to provide their feedback to each item. I need to restrict customer response visibility so they can only see responses relating to the Customer Specific data (including the entries of coworkers.) The customer may have 3 or 4 users who would contribute to their company's responses. I then want to create layouts that will be used to generate reports for completion cycles for their response for each customers data. For example, if they needed to provide a response to 60% of the items by a given date and then 20% by a second date and the final 20% by a third date. I am struggling with how to set up this data and could use some coaching.


Thanks Griff