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script or key assignment to add current date by using space bar taps

Question asked by Jtmwalk on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by BillisSaved

I am trying to expedite the data entry process when in date fields.  Is there a way use the space bar (In Focus - IN a date field) to enter current date in a field. Example might be, based on the number of space bar taps, the data in the field, would progressively enter information.


1x = Enters:Current Month & on field exit - (Defaults to day 1, and Current Year)

2x = Enters:Current Month & Current Date & on field exit - (Defaults Current Year)

3x = Enters:Current Month & Current Date & Current year


I know there is a (Ctrl - ) for "today", and (Ctrl : ) for Current Time,  I would just find it faster using thumb to single tap, rather than combination keystrokes to accomplish.


I searched this topic, and unable to locate past discussions - any help?

Thank you in advance, as always!