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File Container Issues on FileMaker Pro 14 Upgrade

Question asked by Matt.Cox on Feb 19, 2016
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We are currently undergoing a transition from FileMaker Pro 11 to FileMaker Pro 14.  In testing, almost everything functions correctly on the transition, except for the file containers.


In FMP 11, we used "insert object" to store our PDFs directly into the database, which would allow us to double click on them and open directly into Adobe Reader.  That functionality is gone from subsequent versions of FMP, but I am having trouble with any of the various new options for file storage in FMP 14 working with our system.


The interactive setting for the container boxes makes it so that I would have to increase my thumbnail size containers to much larger fields to be able to see the PDF options (save, print, etc.).  It's doable, but it seems to take longer to load the pages, and we are not looking to review the PDF in the page, just reprint it in most cases.  It then becomes unusable, because when I do try to print from the interactive file, it will not let me change any of the print options or even cancel the print.  The only buttons I can click are print or help, which does cancel it but opens a web page for adobe help.  I updated to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat DC (as of 2/15/16) as I read that FMP is now using plugins from Internet Explorer to see if that would fix the issue.  It did not change anything.  I also checked and the database does not have any plugins installed.


So, I switched the fields back to non-interactive containers and started trying things to see if I could find an acceptable way for this to work.  My first try was to leave the container as holding the PDF directly in the database entered by using the "insert file" option and not checking "store as a reference".  Double clicking does nothing, but more interestingly if I try to export the field contents, it removes that it is a .pdf file and saves it as an unspecified file type.  To fix this, I either have to type the .pdf into the save field or add it to the file where it was saved.  We don't only save PDFs in these fields, ruling out script exporting and not everyone at the company is highly computer literate, so I need to have my database as foolproof as possible.  I don't understand why it is losing the file type on exporting, when it even shows the file type as the picture of the file in the container and the .pdf in the container's file name.


I tried to switch it over to storing it as a secure external file using the FMP secure folder, which did nothing different. 


The "store as a reference" checked does enable double clicking to open the file directly in Adobe, but has issues with us having to store the files at a central location that everyone would be able to save to and see.  I would rather not do this because, again it is not foolproof, and I need these files to be more secure than saved on a shared file folder (one of the main reasons we moved to FMP).  Even with this setup, if I try to export the field contents, it does not save the file type.


I don't understand why the files saved in an external file through FMP's secure storage versus "store as a reference" would react differently on double clicking, since they are both effectively acting as shortcuts to a file.


Thank you for any support you are able to lend.