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    FM 14 Crashes after closing


      I have been having an issue ever since updating to El Capitan with FileMaker 14. It crashes after al the field have closed. Also if i close on the files and then quit. It is not damaging any files even if they are local they open fine. And they have all closed its a good 10 seconds or more after they have closed.


      It seems to also happen if no plugins are installed but I am running several. All are the latest version.


      I have attached screen shots of my plugins. I have not tried trashing the plist to see if it is bad. Didn't want to lose all those remote server etc but i could do that if it seems needed.


      At one point I did disable all the plugins and still had this happen.


      Anyone else seeing this? See a plugin you know could be a problem?

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          difficult to understand this question. Are you saying fm crashes after all the FILES have been closed?

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            I think you answered your own question. I had similar behaviour resulted by a plugin. You have a plugins cocktail!


            Instead of disabling the plugins, try to remove them completely. Check your system after this and if it is OK, add plugins one at a time.


            If the plugin are not an issue, this could be a problem with a closing triggered script in one of the files. Again, open and close one file at a time.

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              Seems like that was the answer. I removed everything from the general extension folder and kept just the ones i know are 64 bit in the 14 folder and crashes have stopped. Tri URL or Activator might be an issue. One client uses NRG software and it installs those. Am working through those version issues. It is surprising but even if the plugins are not loaded and are in the saved folder they seem to cause this crash.