FM 14 Crashes after closing

Discussion created by fmpdan on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by fmpdan

I have been having an issue ever since updating to El Capitan with FileMaker 14. It crashes after al the field have closed. Also if i close on the files and then quit. It is not damaging any files even if they are local they open fine. And they have all closed its a good 10 seconds or more after they have closed.


It seems to also happen if no plugins are installed but I am running several. All are the latest version.


I have attached screen shots of my plugins. I have not tried trashing the plist to see if it is bad. Didn't want to lose all those remote server etc but i could do that if it seems needed.


At one point I did disable all the plugins and still had this happen.


Anyone else seeing this? See a plugin you know could be a problem?