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Speed of Web Direct in FM14?

Question asked by bigtom on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2016 by NickLightbody

I installed my Dev version of FMS on a Windows 2012 server in the cloud just to see how it all works. I have not really used anything Windows in about 7 years or so. I have been living my life on OSX and Linix.  Interesting process and not too difficult. Noticeable lag on the could versus server in house.


What I found just using the sample file is that Web Direct is often much faster than FMP or FMGo at rendering layouts. Is this normal behavior? I have heard people say it is better in FM14, but out performing FMP in layout render speed is amazing. Maybe it was just the sample file.


I was told at a DevCon that HTTP is a very refined protocol and things move very quickly, likely faster in some cases than fmnet. Is this what I am experiencing? Browser cache?