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List Status from Conditional Values List

Question asked by KrisYells on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by KrisYells

Hello all,


I am tracking properties (land) and the statuses that go to each property. I have aobut 60 different statuses that are all in a condidtion value list by status category then the actual status. The statuses contain the ID field, which matches the id of the property, status field, date field.


Currently I can only get Filemaker give me the statuses listed by status and it will only show properties that have a status. See the first grid below. (the columns names are the field names)


I would like to have Filmmaker give me the list showing all the properties and add new columns for the various statuses that are in use, or be able to select which statuses I want to see. (I would like to have the status as the column name and use the date of the status as the value in the grid)


Property 1Signed5/6/2015
Property 1Mailed5/6/2015
Property 2Signed5/6/2015
Property 2Mailed5/6/2015





Property 15/6/20155/6/2015
Property 2
Property 35/6/20155/6/2015


thank you.