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    INTER-Mediator 5.3 released


      INTER-Mediator Directive Committee is happy to announce the immediate availability of INTER-Mediator 5.3. This is a security release. Several security bugs were fixed in this release.


      INTER-Mediator is a web development framework supports FileMaker Server and PDO (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite).




      INTER-Mediator 5.3 supports OAuth 2.0 with Google Account and mobile environments with Master/Detail style UI (controlled by 'navi-control' key), prevents CSRF Attack by specifying $webServerName in params.php.And INTER-Mediator-Server Virtual Machine Version 5.3 has been released, too.


      About INTER-Mediator-Server Virtual Machine (Japanese)



      INTER-Mediator is licensed under the MIT license.

      If you are interested in INTER-Mediator, please join the discussion group in Facebook.


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