Adjusting the size of a container fields result once input.

Discussion created by BrianBurwell on Feb 20, 2016
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I have asked this before, but fear I was not clear.   When i capture a signature for example in filemaker go, the thickness of the signature is like a hairline.   Also once it is in the field after entering it, it is very small.   Some have said just crop it, not sure how to do that.  The field itself is a smaller field and needs to be on a report, but the size of the signature itself doesn't come close to filling the resulting container field. I am told there is a way to adjust all this with a script, however I dont know much about scripting.   Any help you could give would be appreciated.


Here is a example of the report I am referring to.


What I would like to achieve is :

to bold the initials or signatures with a thicker line instead of hairline.   To enlarge the resulting signature within the container regardless of size of the container..


Thank you for any help your able to provide ...





Screenshot 2016-02-20 11.57.03.png