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How can I build searchable photo storage on fairly small scale?

Question asked by mbb04915 on Feb 19, 2016
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Beginner here, having a heck of a good time organizing and compiling info on plant species and cultivars used in horticulture. Excel really, really doesn’t do it!!!    Bumbling along fairly well.


Question: the photos storage structure  For now, I plan to use  containers for simplicity as there aren’t all that many. Each photo can have show more than one species, tho’ probably never more than 10 .


How do I structure the photo storage?  1) I could have a table for each photo tho’ that seems excessive. 2) Or I could have one Photos table with  a container field and ten species’ fields (and other necessary fields of course).    I would need to be able to search the photos using species names either manually, or ideally using a script.  I don’t want to build something that will foul up searchability.


If someone could get me pointed in the right direction I would ever so grateful.