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    Conditional Formatting and portals


      I am working on a solution for schools.  The layout per student has a portal which lists the activities and expectations the students has worked on and also gives a score for each expectation out of 4.  Presently I am able to conditionally format an object outside the portal which shows which of the 33 expectations the student has attempted.  They may have attempted the same expectations more than once so now I would like a way to look at the last attempt Activity_Date and format the object with a colour to show how well the student scored on the expectation.

      Presently in conditional formatting I use FilterValues (Students_for AES::ListExpbyStudent ; "EXP0001"

      It searches to see if the student has attempted EXP0001 and colours the object if the expectation has been attempted.

      Now I would need it to search the expectations and if there is more than one focus on the last date and return the score for that expectation.  Which I could then use to format the object in a specific colour.  I believe this would be possible but am stuck on how I should go about it.  ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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          Markus Schneider

          not sure if I'm getting it correct..


          FilterValues gets a list - and that list will be created from the MotherTable to the DaughterTable, ie list(DaughterTable::TheField)


          if You are already in the DaughterTable when entering the formula - then the LookingValue might be not in that single field?


          Check it out using the dataviewer of FileMaker Advanced

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            Yes sorry you just made me realize I was complicating things.  In the parent table I had a calculation field to get the list (and then called it) but did not need this.

            Now I have FilterValue (List ( ActivityExpectationStudent::id_expectation ) ; "EXP0001" )

            I think this part is correct now.  Both worked but this is much clearer.

            Now I would need to search the list of expectations and choose the last one.