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    Which database.


      I am needing a data base to enable me to a find tools based on make and model of car! and also a subsection of perhaps electrics, engine, gearbox etc. And also technical data pdfs also based on vehicle make and model. So need to store many PDFs and tool numbers with cross references as one tool or doc may be relevant to several vehicles. Any help on the sort of DB I should think of building either heiracle or relational would be appreciated. Or pointing in the right direction. Many thanks. Nev

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          I would stick with Relational Databases and model. As far as I know, Hierarchical Model was not used since nineties. You can emulate Hierarchical model in relational database, but I do not see any advantage in doing so. The setup you described is a very common relational setup and will be easy to implement in FileMaker Pro.


          You can try to lookup NOSQL as alternative, probably document-orientated systems are the best match, but the cost is going to be very high in comparison with FileMaker and you probably will not be able to do it yourself.