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    Anomalies Between Files When Searching for Forward Slashes in Text Fields


      In one and only one file, in any text field I cannot search for a slash / surrounded by digits just by entering a slash in the field in Find mode. Only slashes surrounded by text characters come up in the found set. This applies to the entire file: any layout, table, source of field contents, etc. In any other file I can enter / in a text field and all results, including 7/7/1956 are included in the found set. In the "affected" file, however, entering */* will include examples like 7/7/1956. Comparing files, I can find no differences on the field level, nor on the file level. I have tested this file in another version of FMP (13) with the same results. Performing a recover brings up no anomalies. I am fairly certain this file was originally created in FMP 12, not in an earlier version of FMP.


      According to Word separators in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker: "In FileMaker Pro 7 and later the hyphen, colon, and forward slash are treated as word separators unless both characters adjacent to the separator are numerals."

      This would suggest that I must search for */* to find the result 7/7/1956 in a text field. Yet every other file I have examined so far returns results surrounded by numbers when searching solely for / .

      The comments here don't seem to apply.


      FMP Advanced 12.0v4, Mac OS 10.8.5