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    table match (fm14)


      hi forum


      in my application I have three tables

      - customer

      - customer-details

      - questions

      - answers


      all tables are linked through relations (customer-details::KD_ID = customer::ID, answer::KD_ID = customer::ID, answers::Q_ID = questions::ID)

      all customers must respond to all questions


      in a form (selected to a customer) I will show:

      a) a list with all questions

      b) a list with all questions with answers of the selected customer (done)

      c) a list with all questions the are unanswered


      I need help for a) and c).

      because of the relations I will see only the answered questions.




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          I do this by "copying" (really, getting the id's of the questions and using lookup for other data) each set of questions into a "form". Then the answers are applied to this form. That keeps the data together.


          But you must create the fields in answers and one record per question before any answers are entered.



          form1 has question1, question2, question3 (records)


          Customer will be completing form1 (or whatever form you choose, I have several)


          In the "answers" table create the form, so that the 3 questions are added, then and only then allow the customer to complete the form.


          You will be able to see what questions are NOT answered.


          I do this because forms with which I work must have "historical" data, such as the original question and answer together.



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            Hi Beverly


            I forgot a table in my construction.

            - customer

            - customer_details

            - questions

            - audit

            - answers



            customer_details:KD_ID = customer:ID

            audit:KD_ID = customer:ID

            audit:question_ID = question:ID

            answers:audit_ID = audit:ID


            tell me - what do you mean with "copying" of the questions into a form?

            I think I don't know this function :-(

            And how do I create a blank record per question?


            the table questions is a dynamic table. the table content is permanently in work. that means, that the control-form must also be dynamic.



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              How are you currently showing Questions that need to be answered? Let's address that before adding additional tables or complexity.


              Define the steps to have a Customer answer questions, please.


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                hi beverly


                I have a form - based on table audits.

                in this form i insert the current customer-ID with a global variable.

                by inserting a new answer - I open a new form, select a question and insert the answer.

                after this I see the answered question in my audit overview. and in this view I will see a list with all unanswered questions.


                are this enough informations for you?

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                  the "select a question" from where?


                  A new form should be a method to create the related rows for ALL the questions in the table where the answers are entered. You are Pre-creating the "answer" as blank for each and every question. Then "selecting a question" is literally clicking on a row with the question and placing the answer in whatever field(s) you have.


                  This set of questions (blank answer for each and every question) will show which ones are empty based on no actual answer fields being completed.


                  Perhaps you need to post screen shot(s) of dummy data for your current process?



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                    but first I come to the questions after selecting a customer.

                    after this, I create the answers. It ist not usual to answer to all questions. the most case is, that only a few questions are necessary. that's the reason, for my problem. I will the question-table only as control-table.

                    the second problem is, that the question table is dynamic. the content is changing.

                    to all customers fill in all questions is not a economical step.


                    do you know what I mean?

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                      No, I'm not understanding. I don't know enough of your process. I can only tell you what I did when faced with Question/Answer forms.