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FileMaker GO - disabling record slider bar or scrolling between records

Question asked by Penny on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Penny

HI all


I am designing a database to use on iPads with FM GO which is to be used to collect Data from adolescents in a University study. The adolescents will be completing a series of questions in the database before handing the iPad back to the data collector to then pass to another adolescent.


As an ethics requirement, we cannot allow the adolescents to be able to look at others' data. So I need to be able to somehow disable the "record slider" bar at the bottom of the screens and not allow an adolescent to "swipe" on the iPad to scroll between records. Alternatively to not allow an adolescent to type/view any other record using a set of privileges for their login. I can't give every adolescent their own login though, so the privileges would be attached to a login for "Adolescent" but allow them to just view/type in one record only.


Can anyone help? I am fairly new to changing privilege sets in FM and in using FM generally so please use basic instructions to help me