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    Indexing option usage


      Hi all,


      Could you please tell me the use of Indexing option enabled for a field in Filemaker ?


      I have attached the screenshot for reference.


      Thank you.



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          That option causes FileMaker to create indexes for that field if they're needed. For example, if someone does a Find that includes that field, an index will be created. If it's used for a value list or for a relationship, then a different index is created.


          If you turn this option off, it will prevent FileMaker from building an index for the field, which will require any search to be done unindexed (which will slow it down), and the field won't be available for value lists or for the target of a relationship.

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            Indexes come at a price, so don't index all indexable fields just because you can. Leave indexing on "none" with "automatically create" turned on.

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              Indeed. In fact, there are use cases where you should turn it off completely. For example, if you have a table that sees frequent turnover (say, a library table imported from an external source), turn on only the indexes you actually need. The import process will run much faster (since indexes have to be updated during the operation).

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                As Mike says, and also pay attention to QuickFind.


                If you allow it, the very moment any user of your Database uses it it will happen: all indexable fields that exist on the layout QuickFind has been invoked on will become indexed.

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                  Thank you all ! The information is helpful