Filemaker Server Setting Question

Discussion created by Handri on Feb 22, 2016
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Hello Everyone.


I have a question here , as I want to use the my solution through the Internet, I bought Mac Mini and installed with Filemaker Server.


Here is my environment.




I have followed the step as I read on some article

How to Setup FileMaker Server for Remote Access | HomeBase Software


And it doesnt work.

As I can see the possibility is I have 2 modem (as in the graph)


I have my :

1. WAN

2. Local IP for the server

3. also I do the port forwarding  on the Modem B (ASUS RT-AC56S), which I think I have the setting right

Port Forwarding.PNG


and I did trying to open remotely from my Macbook via internet by entering my WAN IP Address (Internet IP Address), I couldn't find have any connection.


Where is my mistake ?


Please advice.