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    Tracking a Product Record




      I have a a rental solution as it has Products, Invoices, Contact, Supplier.


      I want to track which is the product is the TOP 10 rented product.

      How do track the records ?


      In my opinion :

      1 . By adding a counter on each products and adding the value to the record as it appears on the invoice.


      How to implement this ?






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          I'm a fan of ExecuteSQL for these types of things. The calc might look like:


          ExecuteSQL("SELECT COUNT(ProductID) FROM Invoices WHERE ProductID = ?" ; "" ; "" ; Products::ID )



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            Your basic thinking is sound. While you can use unstored calculations to provide summary information, they will perform poorly as the data load grows. Therefore, it's sometimes better to use a stored (indexable) number field and set it via script. Jason's ExecuteSQL method can be used for this purpose. You can also use summary functions or calculations.

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              Hi Jason,

              Thank you for the advice. Yes I think thats the answer. But .... I am still like fresh to Filemaker and I dont understand the ExecuteSQL properly. But I will try my best to use those. By the way, what kind of field I have to provides to use this Execute SQL ?


              and at the end, how can I make a layout / report for the top 10 products ?







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                Hi Mike,


                Thank you for your advice. I am new to this, and I need to learn from a people like you . I will store it as an indexable field.