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Why is the iPad Hanging Splash Screen FM SDK for IOS

Question asked by ontarget on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by ontarget

I have 15 applications so far that I created with the FM iOS SDK. I wasn't having any problems until this new application.

I did several builds working toward a final app to send to the iTunes store.


When I ran the app on two different iPads, it would show the  launch screen and then hang up. I tried the following to solve this issue.

I ran every check that I could think of in Xcode to make sure the settings were correct. I removed the current solution, added the solution from backup, and reset the simulator to display the new FM database.

I ran the simulator again with the same result of a the iPad hanging on the launch screen.  The next thing I tried was to remove the launch image to see if it was corrupting the file. I reran the simulator on my iPad mini, and got a different result where I get a white screen and an image of the folder in the upper left and the search magnifying glass at the upper right. In the middle of the screen at the top was the words "loading". I allowed it to the run for half an hour to see if something would work. But it stayed on the blank screen and did not launch the application. Keep in mind I did 20 builds in Xcode and ran on every device I tested it on. Now it won't run on the live device.


Has anybody seen this kind of issue using the FM iOS SDK?