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    Summary by Week, Month and Year to Date on same line


      Hi all,

      Looking for a way to put a summary of numbers (count of transactions) into a report and have it summarized in a single horizontal line - by week; by month; by Year to Date;


      The data is in the file on a daily basis;

      Want to report on this by store;


      Therefore ideally the report would look like this going down by part and summary and across by summary at the store level for different lengths of time:


      Fiscal Week#

      Region #

      District #

      Store #  - Store Name - Fiscal Week Transaction Count  --  Current Fiscal Month Transaction Count  -- Current Fiscal Year To Date Transaction Count.


      Is is possible to get all of these in one line; all in one subsummary part of a report?


      I know I can create different layouts with different parts or sorted differently to get the individual summary counts - but having 100 different stores, I'm trying to save space and trees by putting them all together. I know how to do this in Excel; but not so easy in FileMaker so far.


      Thank you anyone for your suggestions.