Related calculation from table occurrence instead of original table

Discussion created by Zerojojo on Feb 22, 2016
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maybe I'm misunderstanding the basics of table occurrences, but here's a problem I cannot really understand: I have a table occurrence of table A related to table B, in which records are created by table occurrence A. Now I would like to do a simple calculation via the relationship, i.e. have a field on the layout based on table occurrence A that sums up the field of related records in table B. This does not work for me, because any field I have in table A sees the relationships from table A, not table occurrence A, and therefore does not see the relationship to table B. Filemaker does not even let me create the calculation, because the record used in the calculation is not related. How can I have such a calculation from a table occurrence?


I feel like I'm overlooking something really stupid or got some of the basics terribly wrong.



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