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      Hi All, I want to take result of Rate * Hours. The rate and hours stored in two tables. How can I perform this calculation? Thank you

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          without seeing your relationship diagram and knowing where the result will go it's hard to say.

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            If you had say a

            Rate Table with fields like

            • Rate ID
            • Rate Amt

            and a Employee Table with Fields

            • Employee ID
            • Rate ID    --> form a relationship to [Rate Table::Rate ID]
            • Name

            and a Employee Hours Table with fields

            • Employee ID  -->form a relationship to [Employee Table::Employee ID]
            • Date_Time
            • Hours
            • Pay (calculation) = Hours * [Rate Table Relationship::Rate Amt]

            Each record in the Employee Hours table would be an entry for any Employee and pick up the rate from Rate Table.

            Is this the sort of thing you are after? Of course your requirements could be different ...

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              Hi glensingleton,

              Thank you so much for your answers, that what exactly i wanted.

              Thanks again