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Taking Photos with Windows Phones, iPhones, Android Phones with CWP

Question asked by CarstenLevin on Feb 22, 2016

We are going to build a mobile app like solution with CWP, it is going to be responsive, working on different platforms:

  • Windows Phone
  • Android Phone
  • iPhone (of course)


We will use HTML 5: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP ... and my web people who are also certified FileMaker developers claim that they can take photos and access some of the hardware of the three different platforms via HTML5.


I am curious, and would like to hear about other peoples experience.

Have you been able to this with CWP/HTML5:

  • Get photos ind/out of container fields.
  • Take Photo into a container field.
  • Get position
  • Record sound/video
  • And access other parts of the phones hardware?


Very curious.


And .... yes we prefer building native app and we love Filemaker Go and the new SDK strategy. But some time we need to support FileMaker in non Apple environments ... actually that cover a majority of our customers.


Best regards