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Help graphing two subsummary fields to show breakdown

Question asked by somersdavel50 on Feb 22, 2016

I have a curriculum analysis layout where faculty have entered the kinds of learning strategies they use with their course. Each of the courses occurs at a particular time in the curriculum. To be able to see the frequency with which faculty members are using different teaching methods, I prepared a layout with subsummary fields. In the table from which the layout is built are multiple entries for each course showing the kinds of teaching methods they use. I was able to create a count filed and then a summary field for use in sub summary parts.  The subsummary parts in the layout looks like this:


Subsummary part sorted on learning method used (e.g. lecture) in which the summary field is placed. It might give me a total count of eight records where lecture was identified as a learning method.


A second sub summary field under this that breaks down the total lecture occurrences by year in the curriculum (1-3). So the total of eight records (courses) using lecture would be broken down by where in the curriculum these courses occur (e.g. year one 3 records, year two 4 records, year three 1 record).


A body part appears showing the individual courses after these two sub summary parts


All I want to do is produce a graph (now positioned in the footer) with learning method on the x-axis and frequency (i.e. count) on the y-axis, and I can get the graph to display very nicely the information from the first subsummary field. However, I cannot find a way to show how the bar displaying the total  number of times lecture was used (i.e. eight times) across the three years of the curriculum. I would like the user to be able to see a bar that shows the total number of times lecture occurred as a method (what I now have successfully displayed) with bars appearing to the right that show in which years these occurrences happened (i.e. the second sub summary field that I cannot get to display). If anybody knows how to do this, I would be very grateful. Thanks.