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Pop Up vs Drop Down in Dynamic List

Question asked by AlexBlair_2 on Feb 23, 2016

I am working my way through the Filemaker Advanced Training Series for 14.  I am on the Calculations Section. Activity 16.1.

I have done this particular concatenation on numerous solutions. The exercise though after concatenating instructs you to go

to the Order_Detail Layout and look at the changes.

And here is where I saw the "flaw" (I use that term only because it is non intuitive and not explained well in the documentation) that I had come across in my own solutions and always thought I had mischecked or unchecked a box somewhere...


WHY is it that if I use a drop down list from a two field choice (ex: Primary Key and Name) that I can choose "show values only from second field" in the Specify Fields for Value List table that after select the Name it reverts to the Primary Key being displayed.


BUT WHEN I use a pop over list from the same choice it shows the second field.


Is this to keep the Primary Key in a usable field to share data from that table?   Meaning if the data was not going to be shared to another table then you could use a pop over?   If this is so then why not add in a button on the drop down list to allow the same action?

I know this question can lead down some rabbit holes and time sinks discussing so I will end it with this...


When should I use a Pop Up and when should I use a Drop down as its not just a matter of preference and style but actual functionality?

Thanks in Advance.