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    FMP 14.0.5 Deprecated Features


      I'm looking at the new FMP 14.0.5 list of deprecated features (http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15645/)


      • Support for FileMaker Pro runtime
      • Support for OS X Mavericks version 10.9
      • Support for 32-bit FileMaker Pro
      • Support for Set Allowed Orientations script step
      • Support for EPS files (*.eps)


      For those who didn't seen the writing on the wall for a long time, Runtimes are going away.  I am a bit surprised that they are deprecated EPS files.  I know they are basically the underpinnings of PDF and I guess just moving everyone to PDF due to preview and ADA support I guess.  And I was always annoyed that EPSs with transparencies worked fine on Macs and not Windows.  But guess I need to convert those EPSs to PDFs now. 


      Oh yes, 10.9 going away on Mac OS X, so time to do some El Capitan upgrades on a few of my machines. 

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          Well, deprecation of EPS could be because the Cocoa print support allows EPS and PDF. If EPS goes away, that would mean they can use a different PDF engine which may not do the EPS, but output PDF only.

          Just my humble opinion.

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            Christian Schmitz wrote:


            Well, deprecation of EPS could be because the Cocoa print support allows EPS and PDF. If EPS goes away, that would mean they can use a different PDF engine which may not do the EPS, but output PDF only.

            Just my humble opinion.


            Hmmmm.... could that mean they are looking at a new PDF engine so that maybe server can do PDFs in 15????   Just a guess and sure would be awesome!

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              Taylor -


              Off-topic, but how has El Capitan been behaving for you with FMP / Server 14? I haven't seen any issues in a while, but there was some traffic that the upgrade wasn't quite right.

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                I have been using FMA with El Capitan and 14.04 since December and haven't noticed any issues.  I have not tried running Server on El Capitan.

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                  Am I understanding this correctly?  Support for 32 bit FMP is gone?  We should now use 64 bit?

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                    Not gone. But FM 15 may be 64-bit only (or FM 16).

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                      I am concerned about the issue with the send email script step using a 32 bit MS outlook client with 64 bit FM.  My experience has been that they don't play nice together.  Most of my clients that use outlook run 32 bit, and most IT managers I know won't deploy a 64-bit ms office suite.  I haven't looked into the issue for a while, so maybe it was resolved and I just wasn't aware of it, but if not, it would be terribly disruptive to some clients.

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                        And here I just added EPS to Barcode Creator, not that in-FileMaker display was ever the motivation for it anyway. EPS already wasn't 100%. Whether a different PDF engine with desirable features or something else, I do hope we can expect *something* for the tradeoff.

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                          Maybe switch to send email via SMTP and BCC to yourself?

                          I do that in several plugins using my MBS Plugin for sending emails.

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                            I have been using FMS 14 on a Mac running El Capitan and FMPA14 on two Macs running El Capitan. All runs smoothly. The OS needs more RAM than the stock 2gb that come on some machines. I have 8gb on the server machine, 8 on one Mac and 20 on another. Very fast and I've not detected any conflicts.

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                              Sure, that would be workable but in my opinion, making things workable when the customer already is accustomed to a better solution makes the software look like it is less than a professional, business class, product at best and like some freakly, cobbled-together, hack job at worst.


                              I don't know what the stats are on the number of windows based licenses that FMI sells.  But all my customers are windows based, and all my business customers use outlook for email.  Whenever they send an email to anyone, they do it through outlook even when using FMP. They click an FMP "send email" button then outlook presents them with a new email dialogue with the email recipient already filled in and maybe the attachment already attached, it is the same process when they create their own emails, only FMP has done a couple of the steps for them, which they like having done for them. 


                              Now, I potentially have to tell them sending emails will be more cumbersome and different from every other time they send emails?  I have to explain that when they upgrade to a new version, sending emails gets worse?  When they want to see an email FMP generated for them, don't look in the sent box ( where all your other sent emails are) , look in the received box for an email received as a bcc?  Now my customer not only pays to upgrade FMP, but must now pay for 64 bit office if too if they want to keep the functionality of their existing solution? Upgrades should be better for the customer, not make things worse.


                              There are times when I do tell customers that they are going to have to alter their workflows or procedures to accommodate the software and help them understand why.  But this is not some rarely used feature.  It is a basic feature that all outlook users expect and rely upon.  To have it go away would be one more reason to look for something else than Filemaker as a solution, because the customer thinks, "if it can't do something a simple as work with outlook (which all the other 3rd party solutions they use do), what else can't it do and how reliable can it be?".


                              I frankly don't care if we lose support for a 32-bit FMP.  What I care about is how does it impacts customers!  If it impacts customers negatively, let's have something to replace the loss of functionality with something else at least as good if not better.  Figure out a way to to have 64 bit FMP still work with 32 bit office because that is what version 100% of my customers have.  I don't know any admin anywhere that is running 64-bit ms office on windows.  Maybe it exists, I just have never seen it successfully deployed for any length of time.


                              I don't want to sound like a hater, I love working with Filemaker, and maybe they are already aware of this and have a game plan, and I am overreacting.  I hope so.

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                                As a consultant, I run a development server and keep the very latest versions mostly for testing before my clients upgrade.  Right now I am running FMS 14.0.4a and Mac OS X 10.11.3 and all is very stable.  In particular I pay attention to plugins and web services and those are running great along with an SSL certificate.  My server plugins are Base Elements and MBS.  It has been successful enough that I have been moving some clients on older servers with Mac OS X 10.9 to 10.11, which is even more appropriate in light of the deprecation announcement above. 

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                                  FYI, for anyone who doesn't know, deprecated doesn't mean FM is getting rid of it right away.  It just means they will not be patching or doing future development on it.  Pretty much if it works without fixing, FM will probably leave it in.  But as soon as it needs patching or conflicts with a new feature, it will go away.  It also means that if you have solutions using that feature, then it is time to start looking for alternate ways of solving the same problem.  In the case of 32 bit of Macs, I think that was just left around for some old plugins to give them more time to convert to 64 bit.  But when 15 comes out, that will be 2 versions since 64 bit came out and enough time for plugin developers to come out with updates.  A handful of old plugins will no longer work with FileMaker.  Most of the popular ones are already 64 bit. 

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                                    You can install the 64 bit version of Outlook and it will work with FMP 64 bit.  The 64/32 bit option is give when you install Outlook. 


                                    And I'm puzzled why you don't know how to make professional and elegant solutions in FileMaker to handle something as simple as composing email.  My clients would fire me if I couldn't do that.  And if you know how to use IMAP, you can have what you send via FileMaker email show up in their outbox.  There are things you can do with FileMaker email that you cannot do in Outlook too.  And I like making FM email go out in a company HTML template form with nice headers/footers and company graphics.  You can better hyper link images or words without showing the whole URL.  You can even have emails populate based on customer table graphics or video or audio or just be all the more creative if you wanted.  Try doing all of that in Outlook. 


                                    You really are missing out on the powerful features that FileMaker can do to make email a better experience than they are used to on Outlook.  Oh yes, if you want to get fancy, you can do other things like have a text message sent in conjunction to important emails.  Try that in Outlook!


                                    Or you can just poo poo on FileMaker and say it is FileMaker's fault for not having 32 bit software anymore. 

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