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Relationship Question

Question asked by Ben_B94 on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell


Current tables,


Staff >---- Locations ------< Tools ------< SignOut


1 location can have many staff and many tools can be in one location. Everything is based around where something is.

My confusion lies with the Signout table. It does contain some things independent of a location like date signed out for a tool etc.

What I want is basically a bunch of drop downs that make it easy to quickly fill in a sign out form but my dropdown's.keep coming up empty. Can my sign out layout 'see' the staff members or the locations? If I just drag the staff::staffname field from the field picker on my signout layout and make a drop down or pop up list of the names, nothing happens. Alternatively I tried with the primary key and then used merge fields that would show data related to whatever ID I picked but again nothing appears for the list or for a pop up.