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Question asked by argasoft on Feb 23, 2016
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For my price-list I wish to have photographs and manuals for the items.


So I made a script that manages a popover with a web viewer that:

- loads the Google image page with "" & "q=" & PriceList::ItemDescription & "&source=lnms&tbm=isch
- a click on an image enlarges this (still in the web viewer) and I get the choice between "Go to page" and "View image" (sorry translated from Italian)
- "View image" loaded *until yesterday* just the picture in the web viewer

- with Moo_DownloadFile ( GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "WebViewerName" ; "source" ) the file is downloaded to a Temp directory

- with BE_MoveFile () it is moved to its final destination


All OK until yesterday.
This morning, the click on "View image" button causes the opening of a IE window (thus outside FM) showing the image.

Can't find out what I have unintentionally changed.


Thanks in advance for every hint.