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    FMServer 12 and JRE help needed


      I am having to do a Filemaker Server 12 installation on Windows 7. (I know, not ideal but within the specifications ,,, We're a non-profit and we always try to do everything in the least expensive way possible, at least until we've clearly demonstrated that it just won't work.)


      I've succeed in getting the Server installed to the point where it serves files to a Filemaker client running on the same machine. I got this far without being able to get the Filemaker Server Admin Console, which needs Java, to run. But there's only so much you can set up without being able to manage the server using the console.


      There is lots of documentation about what version of the JRE you need to have installed to work with various versions of Filemaker Server and I have installed the recommended JRE version, JRE 1.7.0_75 and it is the only version of the JRE installed on the machine. I continue to get a message when I try to start the console that it needs a supported version of Java and clicking on the link takes me to the java installer site which would install the most recent version which does not work. I've tried adding the address of the host machine in a number fo formats (192.168.etc. and localhost) to the Java - Security - Exception Site List to no avail


      I'm not a professional Filemaker developer just a typical 'guy who's made Filemaker and eventually Filemaker Server work for his little non-profit organization' for well more than a decade.


      I get the feeling that this problem has plagued a number of people and wonder if I'm wasting my time trying to get this to work.


      So my question is ... has anyone out there encountered this issue and have advice on how to get the console to work ?


      Brian O'Hara

      Delisle Youth Services

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          Site List is




          Do you need only access from server itself so that trying localhost?

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            Thanks for respnding ! No I need to be able to get at the files from FMPro

            clients on the network and although the server is actually visible in the

            open dialogue box from remote machines none of the files that show up on

            the localhost are shown to the clients on the network. I haven't even been

            able to go in and set up a server password or anything because I can't

            administer the server.


            Do you know ... is there an extra cost per concurrent connection for FMPro

            local network clients in 13 and 14 or just for web access connections ? I

            may just move to 14 as we have it available to us through our maintenance

            agreement but I was hoping to stage things by starting with 12 and then

            move up once we get settled into the new file format. I'm assuming the

            support from Filemaker for 14 would be more robust if I have these kinds of

            problems. It would mean getting our support guys to create a new virtual

            machine with a later version of Windows, probably a server, to be

            compatible with 14.





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              Java setting is need on all machines that use admin console. I meant if you write "localhost" there, it means access to the machine itself.

              I didn't think you don't need access from other client computers


              If you already have FM14, I think there is no reason to start using FM12. FM14 may have serious bug for you, but it is same (or more, for the file format change) in FM12.

              You will get less support for FM12 day by day, everyone who upgraded to FM13/14 will forget about FM12.


              There is no cost on concurrent connection using FM Pro, since you pay for "client software" using them. FM Go and Web Direct users pay for "connection", the softwares are free.

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                if you go to the Java (Oracle) site there is a section to download legacy versions.

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                  Thank you for your responses which have given me the help I need. I will

                  just move to 14 then and if I end up needing more than one concurrent web

                  connection I can afford to pay for one or two more.


                  Thanks again



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                    Sorry, I think you can't "pay for one or two", it is selled 5 connection for 1 pay.

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                      Thanks Rick,


                      I had actually managed to find that page and got the prescribed java

                      version installed but for whatever reason it doesn't change anything. Given

                      that I have access to V14 through our maintenance agreement, I think I'll

                      jump ahead to that in the hope that support for the current version will be

                      more robust. I just have to negotiate for a newer operating system befere I

                      can do that.  We had Windows 7 licenses to spare so the preference was to

                      try to make things work using one of them.


                      One option that intrigues me would be to purchase a Mac Mini and install

                      Server 14 on it. But we're a pretty Windows centric shop where even

                      Filemaker is seen as an exotic other-worldly thing so I'd have a hard time

                      gathering support for the Mac Mini option.


                      Thanks for the info.




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