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Multiple date validation

Question asked by VietSeonca on Feb 22, 2016
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Could you help me with this?



I’d like to make the validation for my date fields with format: dd/mm/yyyy



Field 1: In Date: The date the car is delivered to my garage

Field 2: Fix Date: The date the car is fixed at my garage

Field 3: Out Date: The date the car is delivered back to the customer.



I want to make sure FileMaker validates the dates when someone enters the data into those fields, and show error messages if they don’t match the requirements:



1. The date in Field 2 must be after the date in Field 1. The car cannot be fixed if it’s not delivered to the garage.

2. The date in Field 3 must be after both the date in Field 1 and the date in Field 2 (if it’s entered). The car must be delivered back to the customer after it’s been delivered to the garage and with or without being fixed.



I’ve tried calculations:

Fix Date - In Date >= 0

Date (Fix Date) - Date (In Date) >=0

Day (Fix Date) - Day (In Date) >=0

but none of them works.



Any suggestion or tip will be much appreciated.



Thank you and have a good day.