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Need assist - Improving my script

Question asked by Stigge on Feb 23, 2016
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Am doing pre-invoicing within my company using Filemaker 14.

The last thing i do in the script is to export the pre-invoicing details to an excel files, so i can send it out to all finans departments as details.


Our company is devided in different "Teranga" (units). At the moment i have 18 Terangas = 18 files i need to export to.

The script works as it is.. but.. if i need to remove or add Terangas i need to change in so many places.

All the Terangas are stored in a Value List named "Teranga" (inkluding an empty space for drop-down list).


Here is the code that am repeating 18 times in the same script:


Set Variable [$Teranga; Value: "3875"]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [Collection::Teranga; $Teranga]

Perform Find[]

Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]

Set Variable [$File; Value: $Teranga $ ".xlsx"]

Set Variable [$Link; Value: "filewin:/N:/<path to placement>" & $File]

Export Records [No dialog; "$Link"; Unicode (UTF-16)]



Am sure i can somehow use the Value List instead of needing to set the variable $Teranga manually, i just cant figure out how :/