March 16: Quarterly Philly FileMaker User Group Meeting at Apple Store Walnut Street

Discussion created by ColinKeefe on Feb 23, 2016


There are big changes at PFUG.  We've rebooted the format to make the meetings more substantive, socially valuable and focused.  Here are the main bullet points:

•       We are switching locations!  We are going to start meeting at the Apple Store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia. 

•       We are switching from monthly to quarterly meetings. 

•       Our meeting times will run 3 hours instead of 2. 

•       We'll be meeting from 4 PM to 7 PM. 

•       We'll have multiple presenters. 

•       We'll be serving better food.

Our next meeting is March 16 2016, and we're pretty excited about it.  Here's our line up.  We hope you can join us!


Charles Tilton

Optimizing FM Pro for hosted WAN solutions with multiple users

Out of the box, FileMaker Pro handles the complexity of multiple users without the need for much additional configuration in a LAN environment.  Move that same solution to a hosted WAN environment and interesting, but unwanted, things can begin to happen.

Charles will review some techniques and best practices to optimize the performance of a hosted WAN solution as well as sharing ideas on how to ensure that users interact with only their data. 

Jason Mundok

Related Record Selector for FileMaker

Jason will demonstrate how to implement a basic selector tool in your FileMaker solutions to easily assign related records, especially when the related table contains more records than can be easily displayed in a drop down menu. He has implemented this tool in a variety of solutions and will use it to demonstrate how you can pull together several recent FileMaker features to create an elegant solution to a common development problem. The selector tool uses all native FileMaker features and does not require advanced FileMaker development skills.

The selector utilizes the following FileMaker features:

•         Script Triggers

•         Popover

•         Slider

•         Portal Filter

•         Execute SQL

Jerry Salem

That Kodak Moment: Using Snapshot Links to Improve FileMaker Communication 

Snapshot Links provide a simple way to move sets of records on the fly. Use this sleeper feature to share groups of records with other users. Incorporate snapshot links to inform other users of important records, replace paper reports, even automate downloads. Use snapshot links even without any programming. Take a picture, it will last longer.

Colin Keefe

FileMaker's iOS App SDK: a walkthrough

Colin will walk through the process of publishing a simple FileMaker database as a native iOS app, complete with custom app icon and launch image.  We'll discuss benefits, including:

•       Ease of deployment using Mobile Device Management 

•       Native app - no need to download Go

We'll also discuss use cases:

•       connecting to a hosted organizational database 

•       local database deployment

We'll assume Developer Subscriptions for Apple and FileMaker are already obtained, and Xcode and the FM iOS SDK are installed for this demonstration, but we'll try to answer any configuration/installation questions time permitting.