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    FileMaker Pro 5 Runtime License Key - Long Shot! Help Please!


      I know this is probably the longest of shots. I apologize in advance if I mix up some terminology, but I am not as gifted with computers as some of you great people. I have been using the same FM5 Runtime program for almost 15 years. The company/person who originally coded it had the foresight to use license keys to prevent piracy, which is perfect. I bought the license key and have been happily using the program since. The program was on a un-upgraded machine running XP, so it was showing it's age. I started looking into new machines, and, as if it knew what I was doing, it died on me. I would be more than happy to go to that old company and purchase a new license key, but the company was shut down several years ago and so I can't get in contact with anybody to resolve the issue.


      I was able to salvage the files and programs from the old hard drive and was able to get the program up and running on my new machine, however it is stuck in demo mode until I can purchase a new license, which I can't do now. When I copied over the old information, absolutely everything in the program was recovered, thankfully, down to the original license key. The program recognizes that it is running on a different computer, so the old key is worthless.


      My question is this: is there any remedy for my situation? I don't know enough about FM to figure this out on my own. In the program, on the screen where I can see and modify the license key, there is a number that I'm fairly confident is a sort of serial number assigned to my computer by the program. My original thought was to find that number somewhere in the code of the program and set it to the old "serial number." I have no idea how to do that, though, and I don't even know if that's possible. I'd be happy to buy another key if I could. Please let me know if I left out any necessary info for you to help me out. Thanks you so much in advance!!!

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          Runtime don't have license from FMI,  it is from runtime developer. We can do nothing without knowing how the developer implement the license... is there plug-in (files with .fmx extension) in the solution?

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            As user19752 said, runtimes didn't have licenses like FileMaker Pro, but you needed FileMaker Pro to create a runtime.  You can usually open a runtime with FileMaker Pro, but if it is checking for some license, you would have to interrupt the opening script to intercept its validation.  That means you need the debugger feature which didn't come out until version 8.  So maybe with version 8 you could convert FM5 to .fp7 and use the debugger to open it and stop the opening script from running.  Just a shot in the dark.  A FM consultant that does recovery could take care of this for you, but it will include an appropriate consulting fee.  And once recovered, if the data is important, you probably will want a developer to bring the database to the current FM version.  So expect to spend money on this assuming the data is worth recovering.