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      How to convert all UPPERCASE every field I fill?

      I need a database where all is in UPPERCASE.




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          Thanks but.. how to use in a field?

          example. I insert : "First Name" and I wont that is stored as "FIRST NAME" immediately.


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            Hi Angelo,


            You have a few different options here:


            1. To replace existing fields that are not uppercase, you would need to select the field on your layout click Records > Replace Field Contents (Ctrl + =) > Replace with calculated result > Then use the Upper(Table::FieldName) as your calculation. This will replace the field you've selected with the Uppercase version of what ever was in the field before.


            2. Going forward, a possible solution might be to just display the calculation fields that use the Upper(FieldName) on your layout.


            3. If calculations aren't your thing - you can create a Script Trigger which runs OnObjectExit and it would look something like this:


            Set Field [Table::FieldName; Upper(Table::FieldName)

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              Enter layout mode, select your field and select Format / Style / Uppercase from the top menu.


              You can also modify you theme, which will apply this change to multiple fields.


              If you want to change the stored data, you can change it in Field Options:


              Go to File/Manage Database / Fields, select your field to open field options. In Auto-Enter tab tick "Calculated Value" and enter 

              Upper ( self ) 

              as calculation. Uncheck "Do not replace existing value of field".

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                Thanks !!!!! (Grazie mille!)


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                    I just wanted to add to nicolai's excellent answer(s) - because there is DATA and there is DISPLAY that can be changed.

                    If you choose to just DISPLAY by formatting (and many people do!), and if you need to EXPORT that data (as formatted), only date, time, timestamp and numbers are exported as formatted when you select this in the dialog:



                    Exporting data from FileMaker Pro | FileMaker

                    (point 11.)


                    So, keep that in mind. Perhaps you need to think about more than just display formatting?


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                      Your question has been answered technically, but I am curious why you would want to do this.  It violates typography rules and general user interface rules.  I know some people used to do this if the material was being printed and used a mono-spaced type to help out old OCR scanners, but that is not a problem anymore.  You can never say never, but in general, it is poor user interface design to stick to all upper case unless there is a specific need for it.  I often use the UPPER function on a field by field case for say a serial number that anticipates only upper case letters and numbers.  But I've never done the entire database with UPPER. 

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                        Taylor! you know that we can beg clients to do as we suggest, but that does not always happen.

                        Better to have the "correct way" and the "client's way" both handy if later they change their minds (and they DO).


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                          You're are right!!!! isn't UPPERCASE in stored file.... whit Format / Style / Uppercase only display is uppercase... but stored data are exactly how typed.

                          Why? I need this format for stored  data. How to???

                          Excuse my bad english... I'm italian.

                          My client needs this formatting (all UPPERCASE) and I don't care

                          My client need to share this data with TN3270 software or similar things.



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                            You are right....


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                              This is the solution!!!!!

                              thanks all!!!!!!



                              Screenshot 2016-02-24 19.17.53.pngScreenshot 2016-02-24 19.18.02.png

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                                If you are setting the field to replace any text with the UPPER function, you might also want to have it do a TextForMatRemove too.  That way if someone pastes in text that is formatted (e.g., fonts, colors, etc.), it will change to plain text.  So you would do something like this:


                                UPPER ( TextFormatRemove ( Self ) )


                                Of course that assumes removing text formatting is what you want.  But I find a lot of issues with people pasting from web pages or emails and that results in formatted text in fields that you often don't want it formatted as pasted. 

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                                  Yes.. thanks!!!! This is very helpful for me.