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    Launch Center - Hosts not displaying all available files


      Fairly recently, I noticed that when I opened up my locally installed copy of FMP 14 Advanced and went to the HOSTS tab in Launch Center, only 5 of 7 files showed up under my favorite host (I only have one host). When I go into the settings for that host and select "Show only these files" and type in the names of the missing files, they then show up but without their customized icons. They display the generic FMP filefolder icon.


      When I then go back to Show all, the two files I had manually added to the list disappear.


      I contacted my hosting service. They checked what they could but found nothing wrong with my file settings and said there is no server side configuration that would affect this.


      Additional info:

      (1) When I open Launch Center using RDP to one of their on-site client computers, I do not experience this problem. Everything works as it should.

      (2) On my local FMP, after I open up one of the missing files using Network Path, when I shut down and restart FMP, these files show up under the My Solutions tab with the correct icon. And every time I open up that solution using Network Path, I get another, redundant icon.


      I am running Windows 10, FMPro 14 Advanced. And I just installed the new patch released today (Feb-23) for the crashing problem with Script Workspace. The problem was there before and remains now.

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          Thank you for your post.


          What is the difference between your computer and the computers where the issue doesn't occur?


          Since the files display properly after a reboot, what other applications did you have open at the time this occurred?  Do you have any plug-ins installed?  If so, what is the function of the plug-in(s)?  If Favorites is not selected, does the issue occur?  Are you using SSL?  If so, what certificate are you using?



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            My computer in my office is an Intel i7 CPU running Windows 10 Prof with all of the latest updates. I have FMP 14 advanced installed with the most recent update installed.


            The computer that I RDP into is likely a virtual machine running at the hosting company, FMPHost.com and I have no insight into how that really works. But they are well know and provide exclusive FMP hosting.


            I'm able to see all files all of which sport their customized icon when I RDP tot he hosted machine.


            But in no instance on my personal computer do I see the custom icon on the 2 files that want to hide from me when I attach to the host. Rebooting isn't a fix. What I meant above was that I shut down FMP 14 Advanced and restart the program, but that isn't a fix either.


            I have 2 plug-ins: 360Works Email and 360Works ScriptMaster which are also loaded on the hosted server.


            I don't think SSL enters into this. I don't have a certificate and I'm not sure what RDP might use other than the username/password.


            Does this answer your questions?

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              Thank you for the information.  That does answer my questions.


              What occurs if you use Open Remote (Ctrl + Alt + O)?  Do all files show?


              Since this appears to be WAN related, I'd like to see what you are encountering.  I have sent you a private message.



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                I'm having a similar issue. Starting a few weeks back.  I'm a developer, with access to many servers.  Some servers display the list of available files, others show nothing.  MY OWN server does NOT show the list of available databases, but many others do.  I haven't been able to find anything in common.  I've tried moving my server to the DMZ with no change.  Some servers are FM 13 servers, some are FM 14 servers.  Local servers, remote servers, etc.  Nothing that I can find in common.

                This happens when I go to the "File" menu, choose "Open Remote...", then click on the Host, nothing shows.  If I choose "Network File Path..." and manually type in the file name, it opens normally.  Trouble is that requires I know the file name.

                HOWEVER (got this from your tip above) if I use Cmd + Opt + O (I'm on a Mac) and click the "Remote..." button, then all hosts correctly show the list of available files!  Nice to have a work-around that doesn't require knowing the file name!

                I'm using FM 14.0.5 on the BETA version (10.11.4) of El Capitan.  However I believe this problem began before I installed the beta.

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                  The good news for me is that the issue doesn't appear to be isolated to the Windows platform. Thx.