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    Certification: Time for Two?


      Right now, more than ever, it seems that there are two distinct knowledge sets that professional FileMaker users need to have:


      1. Developing

      2. Deploying


      Is it time for FileMaker Inc. to offer two separate certification options?

      1. Certified FileMaker Developer

      2. Certified FileMaker Server Administrator

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          Excellent idea

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            Ugh, please no.


            $150/year is enough.  Otherwise, where does it end?  There are far more than two specialized disciplines in FileMaker.  You start sub-dividing, and sure enough there will be people who want a third certification, and a fourth...  And sure as there are 10, there will be someone complaining that their sub-specialty is not represented.


            I vote no.  (Do I get a vote?)

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              Agreed! Once upon a time I owned 20 or so servers (ISP & hosting service company) & was Server Admin (hardware and software). It's an entirely different ball game. It's NOT just FileMaker Server, it's Server Admin that may be important to get right so that FMS runs very happily.


              However, I do think it's important for the FMDeveloper to know a lot about FMS whether they 'admin' or not. I now allow clients' IT work with the "boxes" server hardware/software. However, I'm right there when new FMS installs or upgrades happen.


              FMCloud, btw, is meant to take some of the 'server' admin needs away (developers or clients). You still need to understand parts of it!


              List all your own skills. If you are very good at Web Development (smile), then that's your skill. No need to have a separate "Certification" for it.


              There is a huge diversity (good) of developers here. Passing the Certificaiton tests means you 'get' all of it and how it works together, not that you are expert in any one part (or all of it).


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