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Repeating Fields and their usefullness

Question asked by andrewma on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by DavidJondreau

So i have heard a few times that most people consider using repeating fields for data storage to be a bad idea for most cases.


I have one question to determine if repeating fields are bad for "ME".


For simplicity sake lets say I have a database with 5000 records. Each record has just one field.  This field has 20 repeating reps.

There is unique and different data in each rep.




Today if i do a find i can choose any rep and type my find request and it will find the record i want. (the data i'm looking for could be on any random rep)


If I were to change the one repeating field of 20 reps to 20 separate fields with one rep each, I would have to know which exact field the data is in to do the find.



Am i missing something ?