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    List view side bar


      Is it possible to have a sidebar of buttons in list view that doesn't repeat with the list? So it would remain still as a header and footer does in list view, except it would be to the left (or right) of the scrolling list instead of above or below

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          So far as I know this cannot be done. People replicate list view with portals to have a side menu.

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            If you have a popover button in a hearer part and the popover is long it will lay over all the list viewed records, but it will not be a static and permanent on the layout. You will need to access the menu via the button all the time. Not a bad idea as it can give you a left side menu but still maximize space for data. You can script the popover to display but not sure how often you want to do that.

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              Thank you for your post.


              I agree with bigtom that there may not be a good way to do this right now. You might make the suggestion for a static Popover Button, or even an additional Part to go to the left and/or right of the Body via the Feature Request Form.



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                The demo doesn't work in Go.


                I am still not sure why you would waste real estate with large static menus. Lots of people using laptops and tablets these days. If it doesn't work in web direct in Go, it doesn't really work.

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                  Fill out the form. A static or more persistent pop over would be nice for a few reasons. If you bump an iPad Wong your popover disappears. Actually get some user feedback on this. They don't like how sensitive it is.


                  Also post it up in the ideas area.



                  I thought FM was moving away from the request form and was mostly watching the ideas area now. I guess I was wrong and you have to use both. Neither is easy to find unless you know what you are looking for.


                  I personally think this should be built into a edge mounted slide out control that can be forced open and hold a menu or slide in and out for good use on mobile. I do this now but it never works with list view.

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                    You could switch from displaying records in a list to displaying them in a portal...which can look like a list but on a Form View.

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                      Bigtoms suggestion could be operational, and you can have a script that is activating the popover button-menu on entering the layout or every time a record is entered.

                      But, yes, unless you want this dynamic behaviour, it might not be your ideal solution.

                      But maybe, and then using the Button Bar, it might end up with a very good soliton.

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                        siplus wrote:


                        It has been done, see here:


                        Fixed vertical zone in List View — Andreas Lauwaert


                        Let me tell you how I really feel about this demo. Super angry . The developer took no consideration for anyone opening the solution in FMGo. I made the mistake of doing so. The menus are locked out and there is no way to exit the solution at all. The only way to get out of this situation was to email myself a FM file and open it directly from Mail app so I could access the menu and close the demo file. Sloppy development I guess.


                        Performance was not very good on iOS at all either. There was a clear flashing of the right side info section. This happens in FMP as well. It is a decent try at getting this done but I would never use it.

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                          Hi Bigtom,


                          Well, well, we would make different layouts for webdirect and for Go.

                          And whether a demo should/should not work for Pro, Go, WD ... that's depending on the description, the use case, the environment it is defined to work within.

                          Here I did not see a word about Go in the original question from Dorian. Did you?


                          Best regards



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                            Let me tell you how I really feel about this demo. Super angry . The developer took no consideration for anyone opening the solution in FMGo.


                            Well, well, developing a community is about helping each other and standing on the shoulder of giants.


                            May I start with asking, who said this: "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants".


                            In this case Siplus very kindly are directing us to a demo by an equally kind Andreas Lauwaert who have made a demo for us of one way to solve the problem.


                            Your reaction is to attack and mob those who are actually doing something to help .... because they do not support mobile solutions with their demo ... although FileMaker Go was not a part of the definition of the problem.


                            We may all have a bad day. But Bigtom, why do you not supply a demo of how you think it should be done for Pro, Go and WD?


                            Let's be constructive.


                            Best regards