FMS 14 Problems and Improvements - Windows environment

Discussion created by mardikennedy on Feb 23, 2016
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Question asked with my 'corporate hat' on.  We are still running FMS 12 because we only get to have a server upgrade around every 2.5 to 3 years.  It would be nice to upgrade (software cost is negligible) but internal costings make it an expensive exercise requiring careful planning.


Let's imagine that an upgrade could be scheduled any time from, say, late April 2016 on.  Our server hosts a wide range of solutions, each with a different user group, and users are spread across the continent.


Is FMS 14.05 ready for a Windows-based production server?


In a perfect world, we'd have a dev server available, but that's not going to happen until very close to 'switchover time', whenever that is.  In my ideal world, I would rather be doing this with an external hosting company because they tend to have deeper, richer experience with FMS than our IT department (who are specialists in a great many other things but not FMS).  That too is not likely to happen.  (They would also be much more flexible with updates/ upgrades.)


Given the (bizarre) corporate pricing for WD relative to Pro, it is unlikely that we will use WD for the next multiple years, so the pros and cons of that element are not part of the decision.  (Why use a more expensive substitute? We have to get the (internal) installer built anyway, so there's also no install saving.)  Also, there is still no business justification for idevice usage, fun tho' that might be.  (We might get to a 10% usage in the next 12 - 24 months.)


It'll all be about performance.  Most of our users currently have good experiences, a few locations excepted, exacerbated by specific solutions.  If there's a performance deterioration, there will be unhappy users.  How likely is this?


Yes, I know that's a hard question.  Solutions come from various eras and thus, various architectures.  In the first instance, the v12 files will simply be migrated to the new server.  In the meantime, I am rewriting as many of the solutions as possible, to have proper v13+ styling.  The plan would be to shift the solutions to the new server first, and then upgrade them, ie migrate the data etc, perhaps within the next month.


I think it's an option to do the client rollout ahead of the server upgrade, yes?  ie FMP 14 client accessing FMS 12 hosted files?


Are the main problems sorted now - jumping script steps, portal sort crashes?  Any other show stoppers?


Or, should we just keep 'hanging in' for another six months?  With the plan to review the options then?