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    Get current record on a table and send it to another layout


      Hi guys, I'm on filemaker pro 14 and can't seem to find a way to solve my problem. I have a table with my clients and their data in layout A,and I would like to send the selected client to layout B where I have a letter format, the letter is the typical:

      Hi, <<clientName>,

      The user identified by <<UserId>> has been in the company since <<dateCreated>>... etc


      So according to the selected field in layout A it should bring the correct data to the letter in layout B. I tried to use the go to related record, but can't get it to work or idk if that function is what i need.

      Please I would really use any help, thanks forum!

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          Is layoutB based on the same table as layoutA?  If they are you should be able to just use the go to layout script step and you will have the same found set and be on the same record.  If layoutB is based on a different table then you should be able to use the go to related records script step to get to layoutB.  If it is not working as you expect here are a few things you could check:

          1.  Are your merge fields (eg. clientName etc) meant to be looking back across the relationship to the tableA?  Then they should be <<tableA::clientName>>.

          2.  What is the relationship between the two tables?  Is it based on the clientID field?

          3.  Are you creating a new correspondence (tableB) record each time you do one of these letters?  If so, does your relationship take you to that specific record or to all the correspondence records for that client?  If so, has the new record in tableB been created before trying to go to it via GTRR?


          HTH.  Chris