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Uppercase first character when it comes after HTML code

Question asked by Morgan647 on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by user19752

Newbie here and hoping to get an answer to this issue I've been struggling with.


I need to uppercase only the first letter in a field, which I have a script set up to do:



Set Field [MYFIELD; Lower (MYFIELD)]

Set Field [MYFIELD; Replace (MYFIELD; 1; 1; Upper (Left (MYFIELD; 1)))]

Go to Record/Request/Page[Next; Exit after last]

End Loop


But I also need to account for titles that start with itals or quotes. For example:

"<i>Peter Pan</i>" needs to become "<i>Peter pan</i>"

"<i>peter pan</i>" needs to become "<i>Peter pan</i>"

"&#34;Peter Pan&#34;" needs to become "&#34;Peter pan&#34;"



I can’t just automatically uppercase any letter that comes after an ital tag or html code, though, because they may appear in the middle of the field:

"Characters in <i>Peter Pan</i>" needs to become "Characters in <i>peter pan</i>"


Obviously same goes for quotes within the field:

"&#34;Peter Pan&#34; Characters" needs to become "&#34;Peter pan&#34; characters"


I'm working in FileMaker Pro 7.


Any advice much appreciated!