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Default edit box style changes after opening a FileMaker 13 file with FMP 14

Question asked by h4consulting on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by TSGal

Product and version FileMaker Pro and Advanced, 13.x, 14.x

OS and version Mac El Capitan, Windows 7, 10

Browser and version Chrome 48, Safari 9

Description In a file created in FMP or Advanced 13 the default style for an edit box changes to the format of placeholder text in WebDirect after opening the file with FMP or Advanced 14 while still hosted in FileMaker Server 13.

How to replicate Create a file in FileMaker Pro or Advanced 13 and host with FileMaker Server 13.

Assign a standard or custom theme to a layout and create text fields configured as edit box and assigned the Default edit box style.

Save the layout and exit.

Open the file and view the layout in WebDirect. The text fields will display as they appear when using FileMaker to view the layout. Exit WebDirect

Open the file in FileMaker Pro or Advanced 14. Go to the test layout and enter layout mode.

Make no changes to the layout, and return to browse mode.

Open the file in WebDirect and view the test layout. The text will be a light color version of the default style, similar to the format used for placeholder text. The fields will display correctly when viewed with FileMaker. 

Workaround Avoid opening the file with FileMaker 14. Insert a trap in the opening script to pop a warning dialog and exit when opening with version 14.

Note Using FileMaker 13 a different theme can be assigned to the test layout. The default style for that layout will be correctly rendered in WebDirect. Viewing that layout with FileMaker 14 will cause the new default style to be damaged in the same way.