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Upgrade Computer = Slower FileMaker??

Question asked by osensnolf on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by dtcgnet

I bought a new computer and now the same opperation takes nearly 3x as long to complete.


I bought a HP z400 workstation that has 8GB of RAM and a Intel Xeon W3680 @ 3.33 GHz (CPU mark 9379 on - higher is better)


I upgraded from an older workstation that had 5GB RAM and an Intel Core2 Due E8500 @ 3.16 GHz (CPU mark 2316 on


I am using the same SSD drive which was formatted and Windows Home Server was reinstalled (which does work well with FileMaker).




The Test...

On the old computer, I did an exact-match search for 50k records.  It took 3m40s to complete.  Once I got the new computer up and running, I ran the same test but this time it took 9m33s.  Hmmm.... So much for impressing the wife and justifying my purchase.


What may I have missed that is causing such as huge time difference?


I increased Preferences > Memory to 512.

I make sure the computer is in 'High Performance' in Power Options.



Do I need to add more RAM?


The .fmp12 file is nearly 20GB as it contains 18-million records.


What say you?